Horrors that defy description...


Hello, I'm Steph :)
I practically live on YouTube, Tumblr, and Twitter. My best friend is alcohol, it's very supportive (I wanted to say like a bra, but I stopped myself making a bad joke).
This is my 'personal' page, my gif page is Giffy-Beans :)


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Horrors that defy description...

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true story


true story

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Kids please don’t think that it’s unusual or special to be dating someone with whom you can watch netflix and eat pizza and hold hands and also have hot sex with

It concerns me when I see millions of notes on a post that’s like “fuck me hard but also be sweet with me”

Like what kinds of relationships are you in that you think this is a revolutionary thing to ask

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your house will be like your family.

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she had period and the blood attracted the damned shark OMG THAT’S BEST AD EVER

That escalated quickly.

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